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  • The treatment of asthma consists in the employment of the remedy to allay the paroxysm and in the adoption of measures likely to prevent the recurrence.
  • During the attack the patient is placed in as favourable condition for breathing as practicable. Patient usually selects the position easiest for himself.
  • During acute attack following  HYDROTHERAPEUTIC MEASURES  are of great importance:

(1)   Application of hot chest and shoulder pack repeatedly every half an hour.

(2)   Hot hand bath or foot bath.

(3)   Hot hand bath is more beneficial then hot foot bath. In hot hand bath both the hands should be immersed in hot water upto the elbow. Hand bath has a reflex influence on the respiratory function.

(4)   Patient should be given plentiful of hot water.

(5)   Steam inhalation is also useful to relive the acute attack.

(6)   Hot enema also is useful.

(7)   Half bath lasting for 10min will be of great value. During this bath only the legs and hips are immersed. The seated patient should be rubbed by attendants while rubbing his own chest and arms. Two-three times during this half bath slightly colder water should be poured down the spine for a few moments. This treatment CAN NOT BE GIVEN TO ONE WHO IS VERY WEAK OR WHOSE RECUPERATIVE POWER ARE LIMITED. IT IS OF GREAT ADVANTAGE TO ONE WHO CAN TOLERATE IT COMFORTABLY.

  • During acute attack heat must be applied on the chest. Hot chest pack electric light heater or infrared generator will have a sedative effect.
  • Asthma being primarily a nervous disorder. It is often relived by prolong application of cold compresses or ice bag to the occiput or base of the head.
  • Take dinner before sunset.
  • Practice yoga, pranayama, and deep breathing exercise daily.
  • Avoid excitement fatigue and overwork.
  • Bowels must be maintained in regular & efficient daily action.
  • Avoid all indigestible and heavy meal especially at night.

Stimulation of acupressure point of lungs on palm or feet sole is also useful.


It is the condition characterized by inflammation of the joint. It may be acute or chronic.


  • Patient should be placed in best possible surrounding to procure fresh air, sunshine and best nourishing food.
  • There are many factors which contribute in the treatment of chronic arthritis. They are as follows: the regularity of life
  • The regulation of diet
  • Flushing out of the system by taking great quantities of
  • Fluid and by enemas.
  • If the cause is generalised toxaemia then the main aim of the treatment must be purification of blood and body cells by enemas hot or cold depending upon the patient requirement.
  • In case of INFLAMMATION
    • First give rest to affected part.
    • Immersion of the affected part in hot water.
    • Epson salt hot compress may also help.
    • Passive exercise and mild gentle massage should be followed.
    • At night a cold pack may be applied to affected parts before retiring and allowed to retain until dry.
    • The treatment should be repeated each day until the inflammation subsides.
  • If the case is COMPLICATED BY TOXAEMIA where the inflammation is severe or where the pus forms or other diseases are present, CONSTITUTIONAL TREATMENT will be required in addition to local treatment.
  • Complete fast should be employed.
  • Warm water enema daily.
  • A hot blanket pack may be given every other day.
  • If fever develops this hot blanket pack may be changed to a cold wet sheet pack.
  • The local pack and compresses may be used.
  • When there is SUPPURATIVE CONDITION of joints the treatment is as follows:
    • Application of sunlight or ultraviolet light on the affected joint.
    • Application of hot or cold pack on the affected joint.
    • Fast should be continued until the acute symptoms subside.
    • Fast should be followed by raw food diet.
    • Fast or diet of fruit juice or vegetable broth is of more benefit.

“In case of TUBERCULAR ARTHRITIS neither active nor passive movement should be applied to affected joint”.



  • The most important step in the treatment of obesity is TO CORRECT DIETARY HABBIT OF THE INDIVIDUAL.
  • Reduce starchy and fatty food in the diet.
  • Increase the exercise.
  • Start your day with a cup of hot water in lemon juice and honey.
  • Start with a fasting for 1 week to 10 days.
  • Take warm water enema daily.
  • Cold bath helps to reduce faster than hot bath. Take a whole body pack twice a week.
  • Fasting should be followed by fruit diet.
  • Take one fruit at a time about 250gms at a time and 3-4 times a day.
  • Fruits for breakfast, boiled green vegetables for lunch and dinner for one or two days. Then add some salad and chapattis made out of whole wheat flour for lunch and dinner. Then make it two or three depending upon the appetite.
  • Add half litre of milk for breakfast along with fruits. Some curd or butter milk for lunch and dinner and fruits in afternoon.
  • Diet should consist of vegetables and fruits rich in fibre so can be easily digestible and make you feel less hungry and also useful for toxic elimination.
  • Avoid too much salt as it retains the water in the body.
  • Avoid pickles & papad.
  • Avoid large meals at a time, take FREQUENT SMALL MEALS.
  • Do regular vigorous exercises like walking, swimming, jogging and skipping
  • Do not try to reduce your weight faster you may feel weak giddy or may develop chest pain.
  • In the first two week you are likely to reduce quite faster may be 2-3kg weekly. Latter it will come down to about 1-2 kg a week. If you want to reduce faster, the heath farm will be a safer place.
  • Do some breathing exercise daily to ventilate the lungs.
  • Walking daily on acupressure mat for 15-30min is also useful.

  • Fasting is a complete abstinence from water and food.
  • Therapeutic fastingis done for various purposes like
    • For purification of body,
    • For rejuvenation of body cells.
  • Based on its purpose, it can be of several types and several durations.
  • During fasting, the senses become acute, even a little smell of food can assail your nostrils.
  • During a fast person can see better, hear better and think better.
  • The taste buds on the tongue become extra sensitive after the fast. Even simple food tastes good.
  • Fasting helps the heart arteries and blood.
  • The cholesterol level in blood goes down.
  • Blood engorgement in blood vessel is reduced.
  • It can bring down congestion of lungs and so person can breathe much easily after fast.
  • Sight becomes clearer and eyes become brighter and more youthful.
  • Kidney and liver function improves after the fast. If you are suffering from severe liver and kidney diseases better be careful.
  • The skin problems decrease during fasting esp. Wrinkles, blotches, pimples etc…………….
  • At the initial stage the pulse rate may raise, slowly it tapers down and settles at ~40 beats/min. It rises again to ~60 beats/min at the end of the fast.
  • Fasting should be started gradually and not sudden.
  • To begin the fast one should start with fruits and then gradually go on complete fast and it should be done under expert guidance only.
  • Fasting should be done in a suitable encouraging and supportive environment. If it is done in heath farm it can be done in group.
  • During fast a person should avoid physical and mental exertion.
  • Person should concentrate on the activity in which he or she is interested like playing cards, listening to music during that time.

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  • A person can live without food and water for some days but can’t live without air for few seconds.
  • The lungs are the purifiers of our system. They pump in the oxygen and pump out toxic carbon dioxide.
  • In diseases like Asthma and bronchitis the normal pattern of breathing changes, it also changes after great physical activity when it becomes rapid and deep.
  • There are several breathing exercises which help to ventilate our lungs for maintenance of good health.
  • Different emotions have different impact on breathing pattern.

E.g. when angry, excited, fearful, depress breathing takes a different pattern.

It also changes during and after the sexual act.

  • Proper breathing is greatly important for toning up physical and mental health.
  • In yoga and all kind of meditation different breathing patterns are used.
  • Importance of breathing is greatly described in Dr Joseph Pilets’ therapy.
  • Breath is the bridge between the body, the senses and the mind and our aim must be to strengthen this bridge for healthy living.
  • Due to our modern busy life schedule we breathe only 1/10th of our oxygen requirement and use approximately 1/3rd of our lung capacity.
  • There are 3 distinct types of breathing

(1)   Clavicular or upper breathing

(2)   Thoracic or middle breathing

(3)   Abdominal or deep or diaphragmatic breathing.

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This article is an follow-up post of my previous published article on Color Therapy and Reiki.

Though Reiki is defined in many terms by different people like “Atmospheric energy”, “Universal Energy”, “Dynamic Energy” and so on.

Having spiritual angle, doesn’t mean, Reiki has no logical connection with physical body or its functions.

Attached link here, serves two purposes, it shares detailed information on Chakras / Associated Glands / Organs and much more, and also its Association with Colors.

“For Reiki Therapy and Alternative Medicine Counselling, contact me on Wishing you a Healthy life forever.”

  • One cannot imagine life without water.
  • Our body tissue also consists of 2/3rd of water.
  • It posses many medicinal and life giving properties. It is needed for every purpose.
  • Water itself is capable of preventing and curing many diseases. Its therapeutic value is valued since thousands of years.
  • Water treatment is useful for increasing the tonicity of muscles of the body and also for relaxing the muscles of the body.
  • Water is available everywhere in the homes of the poorest or the richest. It remains one of the most powerful and harmless therapeutic agent.
  • It has a unique power of instantly reliving the pain and curing many chronic diseases in which other treatments have completely failed.
  • It can be used internally as well as externally.


  • Drinking hot water in constipation and acidity.
  • Hot and cold enemas for purification of bowels.


  • Its benefits can be obtained by hot or cold packs with baths such as Jet spray massage.
  • Sometimes it is used with many other additives. Such as in some diseases vinegar is added to it and in some diseases Epson salt is added to it.
  • Ice application is also best for relieving pain and inflammation.

Generalised effect of cold water application on skin

  • The skin has two types of receptor:

(1)   Cold sensing receptor- for Feeling cold

(2)   Warm sensing receptor-for feeling warm

These receptors are nets of nerve tissue which develops action currents to brain. As the number of cold sensing receptors is more, so the action current developed by them is much stronger.

This action current reaches the hypothalamus.

When this cold water application is done to the skin which is warm and well supplied with blood, the cold current along with cold blood reaches the hypothalamus.

Body gears its nervous system for defence mechanism.

Body tries to stop any further cooling in the following ways:

→the skin gets tightened up to reduce the surface.

→Arterio-Venous anastomosis is closed, to reduce the blood supply.

→the blood vessels get constricted further thus reducing the blood supply.

Important points for hydrotherapy:

(1)   Effusion should be taken in empty stomach only.

(2)   Body should be covered immediately after bath.

(3)   During treatment one should be completely silent.

(4)   One should not smoke before or after the treatment, as it hinders the benefits of the treatment.

(5)   The treatment should be repeated only after 2-4 hours of previous application.

(6)   During menses application should be carry out on the upper part of the body only.

(7)   Body should be warmed up immediately after treatment.

For patients who are sensitive to excess cold/heat, Alternate hot and cold application should be used.

  • Normally our body tissues are 1/3rd acidic and 2/3rd alkaline or approximately 40% acidic and 60% alkaline.
  • The acid alkaline ratio in our body is 40:60% normally.
  • But in this modern era of junk food and fast food i.e.  Burger, chocolates , ice creams etc…. leads to disturbance in this normal ratio which leads to various digestive disturbances.
  • Today due to use excessive alcohol, tobacco, cigarette produces more toxins in the body which leads to disturbance in this balance.
  • Factors like mental stress and sedentary life style, lack of sleep and various others contribute to raise the acid content.
  • During the process of digestion of protein and starch there is formation of various acids and pathogenic substance. Excessive formation of this acids and pathogenic substance leads to development of various diseases.
  • Uric acid is always present in the blood in moderate quantity. It becomes a cause of disease only when it increases in the body.
  • Oxalic acid and oxalates are responsible for arteriosclerosis, arthritis, rheumatism and formation of calculi.
  • Excessive acid formation leads to gastric ulcer, peptic ulcer , heart burn , cardiovascular disturbances , headache , easy irritability , arthritis , rheumatism and  many other health hazards.
  • If one wants to live a healthy life then he should pay great attention in maintaining acid base balance of the body.
  • This balance can be maintained by proper diet management,


  • All animal products such as cheese , butter, ghee , meat , eggs, drinks like colas , sodas , alcoholic beverages , tea and coffee , junk food like burgers , chocolates etc……..


  • All green vegetables like cucumber, fruits like sweet lime, watermelon, milk,  butter milk, curd, coconut water etc…………..

Reiki also has many subtypes and other therapies complimentary to it, as discussed in my earlier posts.

One of them is Quantum Touch. Though it does not need any Attunement, but if used with Reiki power, it can Multiply the benefits/advantages to the patient.

Following is one of those links, wherein you can find Articles/Success Stories/Videos.. and much more info for Quantum Touch.


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Following is a very Basic/Crisp info on Color Therapy
  • Colour therapy or chromo therapy is based on the principle that our life is full of colour and so our health and mood are greatly influenced by it.
  • Bright colours in the surroundings can make us feel joyful, happy etc…
  • Dark colours in the surroundings will have depressive effect on the person.
  • In this therapy different colours are used according to body and disease requirement.
    • Like for insomnia patient sky blue colour lights are used.
    • In asthma patient is placed under the blue or violet light and red colour water is given to drink every 15min until the attack subsides.
    • In constipation yellow colour is used in any form.


  • Sky blue- mild sedative effect
  • Red – excitement and energetic
  • Orange– joyful
  • Yellow- positivity in mood
  • Green – king of colour
  • In this therapy colours are introduced in the body in the form of fruits and vegetables also.
    • Water is filled in air tight colour bottle and kept in sunlight for charging.
  • Patients are placed in the glass cabin made up of coloured glass and colours are allowed to pass from the open window on the body as per the requirement.
  • Various oils can also be charged like water and are used for the massage.
    • Abdominal pain – warm blue water every 15min
    • Baldness and hair falling – wash the head with blue water. After drying apply blue oil to the scalp. Exposure of scalp to sunlight through blue colour glasses.

Burns – apply blue water compresses as it has antiseptic property.

Our body Chakras are also made of vivid colors . Each and every Chakra has a specific color. Will be posting soon , an article on Chakra’s/Its Colors and much more…

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