• A person can live without food and water for some days but can’t live without air for few seconds.
  • The lungs are the purifiers of our system. They pump in the oxygen and pump out toxic carbon dioxide.
  • In diseases like Asthma and bronchitis the normal pattern of breathing changes, it also changes after great physical activity when it becomes rapid and deep.
  • There are several breathing exercises which help to ventilate our lungs for maintenance of good health.
  • Different emotions have different impact on breathing pattern.

E.g. when angry, excited, fearful, depress breathing takes a different pattern.

It also changes during and after the sexual act.

  • Proper breathing is greatly important for toning up physical and mental health.
  • In yoga and all kind of meditation different breathing patterns are used.
  • Importance of breathing is greatly described in Dr Joseph Pilets’ therapy.
  • Breath is the bridge between the body, the senses and the mind and our aim must be to strengthen this bridge for healthy living.
  • Due to our modern busy life schedule we breathe only 1/10th of our oxygen requirement and use approximately 1/3rd of our lung capacity.
  • There are 3 distinct types of breathing

(1)   Clavicular or upper breathing

(2)   Thoracic or middle breathing

(3)   Abdominal or deep or diaphragmatic breathing.

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