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What is Stammer and what are its causes ? Stammer or Stutter is not the disease itself but the condition or the symptom caused by  a disease / disorder. Causes for stammer and its intensity are individualistic.

Causes can be purely genetic, psychological or due to some sort of brain injury. Associated conditions with stammer that I have come across in my practice are depression, anxiety, lack of self confidence, frustration or so on….

Social issues they often have to deal with include humiliation, ignorance, bullying at workplace and school and much more. Family and care giver role is of significant importance in maintaining one’s self confidence and self esteem.

I have listed few suggestions for family and care givers as below:

  1. Stammer doesn’t mean that they have nothing to say. They have right to express themselves and speak in their own words. So, do not be hasty and take some time to listen to them.
  2. Don’t try to complete their sentences by yourself. Don’t burden them by your interpretations like.. “I understand. Do you mean to say that………!”. You might feel that this might be helping them out but in fact you take away their chance of speaking out on their own.
  3. Stay with them whenever and wherever they need you and provide adequate emotional support to them.
  4. There are number of therapies which are complimentary with Reiki in this condition,
    1. Martial-arts therapy : Use of Vocal chord is enhanced when someone practices skills of Martial arts.
    2. Auto-suggestion therapy : Type of meditation, where one is taught to give commands/ directions to himself.
    3. Homoeopathic medicine
    4. Animal assistant therapy : keeping parrots and encouraging your child to repeat its word can also be helpful.
  5. Try to find alternate words for words that are difficult enough to pronounce. For example, if someone has concerns for spelling letter “X” in word Box, try using word Carton and demonstrate its size/shape.

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  • Earth entirely depends on the sun for heat,light and life !
  • Life of human being, animal and plants depends entirely on the energy radiated by the sun.
  • Its importance is recognized since the existence of life.
  • Helio-therapy is the name assigned to the treatment by  Sunlight.
  • Sunlight consist of many different kind of light rays: For ex:-
    • Infrared rays: it penetrates deeply into the body and benefits the circulatory system and the muscles.
    • Ultraviolet rays: they are absorbed by skin. It may cause sun burns and tanning. It helps in formation of Vitamin D.
  • It helps in opening the skin pores and induces perspiration, hence helps in toxic elimination.
  • Rickets is prevented and cured by the formation of Vitamin D through Sunlight.
  • It is good for physical mental as well as emotional health.
  • Sunbathing is useful for keeping the cold away and boosting the immunity.
  • If any person is deprived of Sunlight for some amount of time, health will deteriorate both physically as well as mentally.
  • Sun bathing in olden times was prescribed for tuberculosis.
  • Sun’s heat helps to reduce the pain, relaxes the muscles and tones up the skin.
  • The person having sensitive skin should not have Sun exposure for more time as it may lead to skin burns, excessive tanning etc.

Following article follows much more detailed information on the subject matter , like its physiological effects, its indications/contra-indications, pathological effects and so on.


Suggestions and feedback by fellow members is highly appreciated.
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In this Modern Era, Majority of Diseases are caused by Stress. When it comes to Asthma ( a kind of psychosomatic disease), which can be caused due to many certain imbalances, Stress is one of the most aggravating factors for this Respiratory Disorder.

Asthma which is also known as Nervous Disease can be aggravated by Tensions and Sudden Emotional Shocks. Asthma sufferers have to be very careful in stressful situations. (Kind of : One feeding on the Other , a vicious cycle)

Previously , I have posted an article on Non-medical Treatment of : Asthma(3) and following is a very good follow-up article on the same subject.


Use of Reiki to cure psychosomatic diseases are on an increase.

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Following article provides good info on relationship between Stress and Obesity.

It also provides great depth of information on Cortisol, its production and its role in human physiology.

Many studies have confirmed relationship between stress and obesity. Many more research are undertaken for its causes and treatment.

Hormones have very important role in human body. It controls our various functions, mental as well as physical. For Stress related issues, it is very important to understand Cortisol and how is functions.

Moreover, attached link will also help readers/novice Reiki practitioners to understand Role of Reiki in managing stress and thereby Obesity.


  • Cut down on all starchy foods like sugar, white flour, tea coffee etc……….
  • Reduce ghee & butter.
  • Completely Stop alcohol and tobacco.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits. Start one week on fruits only. Take fruits with your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Preferably one fruit at a time. Take oranges sweet limes, papaya, apple, mangoes etc………avoid banana.
  • After a week add milk besides fruits.
  • Take boiled vegetables or cook them in minimum oil, salad, curd, and chapatti made of whole wheat flour for lunch and dinner.
  • Take more green vegetables.
  • Cut down on salt. Do not use more than 2-4 gm of salt per day.
  • Eating less will help cut down the weight so will keep blood pressure down.
  • Avoid taking meat and eggs. Cut down on fish and chicken.
  • Take dry fruits like dates, resins, etc………
  • Drink plenty of water at least 2litres/day.
  • Exercise increases blood pressure so start with easy exercise. Exercise will help to increase circulation of blood so there will be less chance of arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and heart attack.
  • Avoid worry and tension. Rest and relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation will help.
  • Have a good quality sleep at least 8-9 hrs every day.
  • Massage is good but should be done lightly and in direction away from the heart. Take massage in the sun if it is cold.
  • Majority cases of hypertension is caused by stress and Reiki is the best option to relieve stress.

In my personal experience as a Reiki Therapist, patients with Acute Hypertension have been cured in 3-4 sessions itself, whereas duration of cure varies with level of  intensity of the disease/disorder.

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  • The most important step in the treatment of obesity is TO CORRECT DIETARY HABBIT OF THE INDIVIDUAL.
  • Reduce starchy and fatty food in the diet.
  • Increase the exercise.
  • Start your day with a cup of hot water in lemon juice and honey.
  • Start with a fasting for 1 week to 10 days.
  • Take warm water enema daily.
  • Cold bath helps to reduce faster than hot bath. Take a whole body pack twice a week.
  • Fasting should be followed by fruit diet.
  • Take one fruit at a time about 250gms at a time and 3-4 times a day.
  • Fruits for breakfast, boiled green vegetables for lunch and dinner for one or two days. Then add some salad and chapattis made out of whole wheat flour for lunch and dinner. Then make it two or three depending upon the appetite.
  • Add half litre of milk for breakfast along with fruits. Some curd or butter milk for lunch and dinner and fruits in afternoon.
  • Diet should consist of vegetables and fruits rich in fibre so can be easily digestible and make you feel less hungry and also useful for toxic elimination.
  • Avoid too much salt as it retains the water in the body.
  • Avoid pickles & papad.
  • Avoid large meals at a time, take FREQUENT SMALL MEALS.
  • Do regular vigorous exercises like walking, swimming, jogging and skipping
  • Do not try to reduce your weight faster you may feel weak giddy or may develop chest pain.
  • In the first two week you are likely to reduce quite faster may be 2-3kg weekly. Latter it will come down to about 1-2 kg a week. If you want to reduce faster, the heath farm will be a safer place.
  • Do some breathing exercise daily to ventilate the lungs.
  • Walking daily on acupressure mat for 15-30min is also useful.


Following article is a good source of information for health care providers and care givers of people with stammering and great treatment options are also described in this article, but finally, i would like to request everyone concerned that Stammering is an disorder and NOT just an emotional outburst .What actually should be done by us is Practice/Improvise our listening skills, because the person who stammers also has a heart which beats and a mind which thinks. They too have something to speak and that is what needs to be listened & understood.


For Treatment of Stammering, visit my link below.


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  • Acupressure is the most ancient and simplest of various oriental therapies such as acupuncture, shiatsu, zone therapy and reflexology which are prevalent today.
  • Each of these therapies strives to produce healing effects on the internal organs of the body through well defined points on the body surface.
  • Long term use of this therapy can be beneficial in chronic diseases also. Though acute results can be obtained in aches and pains.
  • Though easy and simple it is an effective treatment.
  • Anybody can take this treatment by himself in the privacy of his own home.
  • It is completely free from any side effects.


  • Health can be maintained easily by taking a regular treatment on the particular acupressure points every day.
  • A short acupressure session in the morning helps to maintain the balance of the energies flowing in the body.
  • Acupressure helps to increase vitality and strength. A regular application of pressure on acupressure points TSU-SAN-LI & YANG-LING-CHUAN gives strength to the muscles of the legs.
  • The heart and respiratory system work with increased efficiency by pressing the points NEI-KUAN.


  • When any organ of the body is diseased the points corresponding to that organ become tender and morbidly sensitive.
  • If some points hurts on pressing it can be said that there is something wrong with the organ connected with that point.
  • In acupressure even in the initial stage of the disease the diagnosis of the disease is possible with the help of painful points.
  • It also helps to diagnose a disease which is likely to occur in near future.
  • Though it is true that early and differential diagnosis of a disease is possible with the help of acupressure, the patient is advised not to attempt to diagnose his disease on his own. The work of diagnosis should be left to an experienced physician.


  • The principle of acupressure is “TREAT THE PATIENT AND NOT THE DISEASE ALONE”.
  • Diseases cure by acupressure
    • Constipation
    • Acidity
    • Thyroid disturbances
    • All sorts of aches and pains
    • Stress and its related disorder/ psychosomatic disorder
    • Speech and sleep disorder etc…………………
  • It should not be used in case of fractures, injuries, wound, mature cataract, gall stone, kidney stone.
  • There are many acupressure tools available in the market which can be used.
  • Acupressure foot rollers, sandals, mates, belts etc………..
  • Acupressure can be combinely used with massage therapy also.
  • POINT -1(LU-5)
    • Observe the faint crease that represents the elbow joint.
    • Now bend the elbow by about 45degrees, you will find a rope like structure at the centre of the front surface of elbow. This is the tendon of the biceps muscles of the arm.
    • Point 1 lies on the elbow crease, just near this tendon.
  • POINT-2(LU-6)
    • Joint the point 1 and 3 with a straight line. Point 2 lies on this line, five thumb width below the elbow crease.
  • POINT-3(LU-7)
    • This point lies on the outer border of the forearm, two finger widths above the wrist joint.
  • POINT-4(LU-9)
    • This point lies at the outer end of the wrist crease.
  •  etc…..

This article is must read for everyone who has concerns for people affected with stammering. If you read this article thoroughly you will be able to understand the challenges he/she faces every day, by every means, i.e their emotions, their behavior & their dilemmas. This will not only make you understand your loved ones better but will also help you make aware of the “Moral Support” they require, which in turn, will help them achieve their dreams and goals and help you build successful relationships with them.

In my Reiki practice, during consultation, as well as, during treatment, I make similar recommendations to my clients and their family. Would love to share this link below:


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Voice of a Stutterer

Life is full of Challenges. Some people accept their challenges and overcome it with great positive attitude and become an inspiration for others.

Following article is about a person who overcame stuttering deficiency in his life through other innovative approaches. Check out this link.


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