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Pain & Stress are part of our life but if it becomes chronic, it turns into depression. An untreated depression can lead someone to have suicidal tendencies. Sometimes, it is absolutely okay to feel sad or disappointed, but when you have an impulse to harm yourself, you should take a back-seat and consider sincere professional assistance / treatment.

Few years back, I came across a patient who showed signs of suicidal tendencies. One female about age 30 was brought to me by one of our common friend. I was informed that the female has attempted suicide just past night. I had no detailed information regarding her depression or anything else to substantiate her agony but she was assured by my friend to get proper counselling and treatment.

During her consultation, she was quiet, did not speak much and was very much disinterested in what was happening around herself. Her depression was markedly noticeable. I requested her to feel relaxed and comfortable and started my Reiki session beginning with Crown Chakra, Third Eye and Heart Chakra in that order. It was a long session of about 90 minutes. At the end of the session, she was feeling relaxed and even laughed at one of the ice-breaker jokes which i had thrown across.

A t the end of the session, she confessed that she was not sure how Reiki would help her get relaxed and was just toeing the line on insistence of our common friend. Moreover, she assured us full heartedly that she will never ever think of self harm and would henceforth start indulging in practices which make her happy and occupy her time. Also she was grateful in telling me, that going forward, even if she comes across any low point in life, she would surely seek for assistance and treatment, rather than attempting something life threatening.

On a personal note, I was very happy that a single Long Session of Reiki, helped someone regain senses for their life!!

While pondering over this case now, it makes me realize that there lays a strong message underneath in this case for each and every one of us. Whatever we have come across, the pain, the moment, the low point of our life, all of this can be set aside by being alert to oneself and by loving oneself. (Instances where you cannot lift yourself up, one should always get connected to someone and seek for advice)

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Symptoms of the Patient before Treatment:

  • Unable to concentrate
  • Lack of Focus
  • Extremely forgetful
  • Absent-mindedness & Dull
  • Easy irritability
  • Very less communicative

During Sessions and Post-Reiki Therapy:

  • Increased concentration. Patient started paying attention to everything.
  • Gained alertness and presence of mind.
  • Reduced irritability.
  • No difficulty in remembering things

My patient was 23 years old male. He was referred to me via a family friend. During consultation, he was accompanied by his father. One thing I noticed was that he didn’t utter a single word about himself. His concerns were reported by his father. Patient had not received any psychiatric diagnosis. Family didn’t see mental health clinic due to social stigma attached to it. Upon chakra examination, I came to know that heart chakra was also disturbed and that was an indication of emotional issues. Tried to communicate with patient, but he was not responding at all.

I decided to treat his Crown and Third Eye chakra for concentration, focus, alertness and so on. Then as I noticed that patient was quite reserved, I treated his Throat and Eye chakra also. Session length was 60 minutes on daily basis. Right from 1st session, patient experienced deep sleep during treatment. I decided to give 20 long sessions and rest to be based upon result. After just 2-3 initial sessions, I came across few more details from one of his family member, that person also had a tendency of not feeling home at his own house, he preferred to stay alone when at home, and felt more comfortable with outsiders, very less expressive and doesn’t show any concern or emotional attachment after his mother’s death. Basis further inquiring about his childhood days and time before that, it became clear that my patient was suffering from pre-natal trauma. He had some emotional issues which his mother had suffered during her conceive.

Now, things were pretty much clear. This was the case of emotional trauma & I had to go for trauma healing. First he had to be treated for his trauma and then rest would follow automatically. I decided to go for 10 more sessions by adding Root Chakra to his treatment. Only after 3 sessions, patient began to respond. He began sharing experience about his session as well some small talks. After 6th session, patient started sharing voluntarily that, he was thinking of joining a new course which is required for his career. And by 10th session, he shared that before few days I was nervous about my career, was upset about my job performance and worried about future, in general. Now I feel confident about my future and surely will achieve something. I have regained my concentration and focus, am more alert and have joined course and doing well in same. Treating trauma helped alleviate his other concerns of life too.

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Now-a-days more and more people are flocking to Reiki Therapist for their physical diseases and disorders.

At the same time, Benefits of Reiki Therapy are now considered among mental health practitioners and people with mental disorders also.

In my experience as a Reiki Therapist, I have achieved good results in treating clinical depression, attention disorders, anxiety and panic disorders and even in cases of mental developmental delay with Reiki. Moreover, it is to be noted that where complete cure is not possible, even remarkable achievements helps us sail the way.

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Symptoms of the Patient before Treatment:

1) Depressive thoughts

2) Fear of sudden death

3) Fear of cries of animals and birds

4) Sleep disturbances

5) Dullness all the time

6) Fear of staying alone at home


During Sessions and Post Reiki Therapy:


1) No depressive thoughts

2) Fear of death was gone

3) Positive attitude develop toward birds and animals

4) Sleep disturbances decreases

5) No dullness

6) Now she can stay alone at home





My patient was a 32 years old female, who suffered from Chronic Depression. During her Pre-Reiki Consultation, she informed me about her fear of sudden accidental deaths. She had cried her heart out when she said that “life and death are natural processes, everybody has to die one day but living with constant fear of dying is worst then dying itself”.  She also had a peculiar mental disorder wherein she believed that howling of birds and animals around her, would lead to some unseen problems- a superstitious thought- due to which, her sleep had also got disoriented. Due to the above fears, she was not able to stay alone at her own home- which also caused her family problems; she being in a disturbed, depressive state-of-mind. The best part of the pre-reiki consultation was her being frank and open about her each and every depressive whims, which in fact, is very necessary to understand the patient & give a proper treatment.

During her Chakras examination, I detected disturbances in her Crown, Third eye and Heart Chakra. On this basis I decided to give her daily sessions of 30 min. My treatment began with Crown Chakra, as any of the diseases, especially those of the mental kind origin; this chakra is not to be neglected. Then I focused on Third Eye Chakra, wherein regulating the glandular secretions, helped me in regulating her emotions. Heart chakra then helped in restoring positive attitude and by increasing her faith in herself. Just after 3-4 sessions, she underwent changes drastically; she started feeling joyful, her depression was reduced to a great extent. Another 2-3 sessions, and her fear of death vanished. Now she felt no discomfort; no fear of, staying alone at home. Thereafter, during her last sessions, she confessed that, she had developed a positive attitude towards life and birds & animals howling were just voices for her now. Her superstitious belief had taken a backseat. Her sleep disturbances were gone, and she was now a happy person. During her last session she proclaimed, “I AM EXPERIENCING A NEW PERSONALITY WITHIN MY SELF, THIS TREATMENT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE.”


“For Reiki Therapy and Alternative Medicine Counselling, contact me on Wishing you a Healthy life forever.”

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