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  • Quit smoking and chewing tobacco.
  • Increase fibrous food.
  • Avoid going in atmosphere which is highly polluted.
  • Decrease fat in diet.
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to X-ray
  • Avoid excessive sunlight esp. if you are fair complexioned.
  • Avoid non vegetarian diet as it is of high calorie and is fibreless food.
  • Fibre is important in diet. It is present in the fruit, salad, green vegetables with their peel on, bran of wheat and unpolished rice.
  • Add germinated moong, gram to your diet as they are rich in fibre and vitamin B complex.
  • Avoid jam, jellies, pickles and ketchup.
  • Take large quantities of salad.
  • Take raw potato juice, garlic juice, and carrot juice for 40 days.
  • Consuming wheat grass in any form is also useful.
  • 3/4th of the diet should be of raw food. Raw food is living  food, it has a lot of life giving and curing capacity.
  • Do not throw away water in which you cook the vegetables as it contains most of the potassium.
  • Use less salt.
  • Do not use white flour, bran is a good source of fibre.
  • Prefer jaggery for sugar. Prefer dry fruits, fruit juices and honey.
  • Do not take the fried foods. Use oil and ghee to the minimum.
  • Do not brown the masala or roast the food as it produces few hydrocarbons which are carcinogenic.
  • Avoid aluminium vessels for cooking. Live in open area. Keep windows open at night.
  • The relaxation techniques like Pranayama, Meditation will help to relax and keep the mental balance.

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  • Cut down on all starchy foods like sugar, white flour, tea coffee etc……….
  • Reduce ghee & butter.
  • Completely Stop alcohol and tobacco.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits. Start one week on fruits only. Take fruits with your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Preferably one fruit at a time. Take oranges sweet limes, papaya, apple, mangoes etc………avoid banana.
  • After a week add milk besides fruits.
  • Take boiled vegetables or cook them in minimum oil, salad, curd, and chapatti made of whole wheat flour for lunch and dinner.
  • Take more green vegetables.
  • Cut down on salt. Do not use more than 2-4 gm of salt per day.
  • Eating less will help cut down the weight so will keep blood pressure down.
  • Avoid taking meat and eggs. Cut down on fish and chicken.
  • Take dry fruits like dates, resins, etc………
  • Drink plenty of water at least 2litres/day.
  • Exercise increases blood pressure so start with easy exercise. Exercise will help to increase circulation of blood so there will be less chance of arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and heart attack.
  • Avoid worry and tension. Rest and relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation will help.
  • Have a good quality sleep at least 8-9 hrs every day.
  • Massage is good but should be done lightly and in direction away from the heart. Take massage in the sun if it is cold.
  • Majority cases of hypertension is caused by stress and Reiki is the best option to relieve stress.

In my personal experience as a Reiki Therapist, patients with Acute Hypertension have been cured in 3-4 sessions itself, whereas duration of cure varies with level of  intensity of the disease/disorder.

“For Reiki Therapy and Alternative Medicine Counselling, contact me on dr.tarafakhri@gmail.com. Wishing you a Healthy life forever.”

  • Fasting is a complete abstinence from water and food.
  • Therapeutic fastingis done for various purposes like
    • For purification of body,
    • For rejuvenation of body cells.
  • Based on its purpose, it can be of several types and several durations.
  • During fasting, the senses become acute, even a little smell of food can assail your nostrils.
  • During a fast person can see better, hear better and think better.
  • The taste buds on the tongue become extra sensitive after the fast. Even simple food tastes good.
  • Fasting helps the heart arteries and blood.
  • The cholesterol level in blood goes down.
  • Blood engorgement in blood vessel is reduced.
  • It can bring down congestion of lungs and so person can breathe much easily after fast.
  • Sight becomes clearer and eyes become brighter and more youthful.
  • Kidney and liver function improves after the fast. If you are suffering from severe liver and kidney diseases better be careful.
  • The skin problems decrease during fasting esp. Wrinkles, blotches, pimples etc…………….
  • At the initial stage the pulse rate may raise, slowly it tapers down and settles at ~40 beats/min. It rises again to ~60 beats/min at the end of the fast.
  • Fasting should be started gradually and not sudden.
  • To begin the fast one should start with fruits and then gradually go on complete fast and it should be done under expert guidance only.
  • Fasting should be done in a suitable encouraging and supportive environment. If it is done in heath farm it can be done in group.
  • During fast a person should avoid physical and mental exertion.
  • Person should concentrate on the activity in which he or she is interested like playing cards, listening to music during that time.

“For Reiki Therapy and Alternative Medicine Counselling, contact me on dr.tarafakhri@gmail.com. Wishing you a Healthy life forever.”

  • Normally our body tissues are 1/3rd acidic and 2/3rd alkaline or approximately 40% acidic and 60% alkaline.
  • The acid alkaline ratio in our body is 40:60% normally.
  • But in this modern era of junk food and fast food i.e.  Burger, chocolates , ice creams etc…. leads to disturbance in this normal ratio which leads to various digestive disturbances.
  • Today due to use excessive alcohol, tobacco, cigarette produces more toxins in the body which leads to disturbance in this balance.
  • Factors like mental stress and sedentary life style, lack of sleep and various others contribute to raise the acid content.
  • During the process of digestion of protein and starch there is formation of various acids and pathogenic substance. Excessive formation of this acids and pathogenic substance leads to development of various diseases.
  • Uric acid is always present in the blood in moderate quantity. It becomes a cause of disease only when it increases in the body.
  • Oxalic acid and oxalates are responsible for arteriosclerosis, arthritis, rheumatism and formation of calculi.
  • Excessive acid formation leads to gastric ulcer, peptic ulcer , heart burn , cardiovascular disturbances , headache , easy irritability , arthritis , rheumatism and  many other health hazards.
  • If one wants to live a healthy life then he should pay great attention in maintaining acid base balance of the body.
  • This balance can be maintained by proper diet management,


  • All animal products such as cheese , butter, ghee , meat , eggs, drinks like colas , sodas , alcoholic beverages , tea and coffee , junk food like burgers , chocolates etc……..


  • All green vegetables like cucumber, fruits like sweet lime, watermelon, milk,  butter milk, curd, coconut water etc…………..
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