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  • The most important step in the treatment of obesity is TO CORRECT DIETARY HABBIT OF THE INDIVIDUAL.
  • Reduce starchy and fatty food in the diet.
  • Increase the exercise.
  • Start your day with a cup of hot water in lemon juice and honey.
  • Start with a fasting for 1 week to 10 days.
  • Take warm water enema daily.
  • Cold bath helps to reduce faster than hot bath. Take a whole body pack twice a week.
  • Fasting should be followed by fruit diet.
  • Take one fruit at a time about 250gms at a time and 3-4 times a day.
  • Fruits for breakfast, boiled green vegetables for lunch and dinner for one or two days. Then add some salad and chapattis made out of whole wheat flour for lunch and dinner. Then make it two or three depending upon the appetite.
  • Add half litre of milk for breakfast along with fruits. Some curd or butter milk for lunch and dinner and fruits in afternoon.
  • Diet should consist of vegetables and fruits rich in fibre so can be easily digestible and make you feel less hungry and also useful for toxic elimination.
  • Avoid too much salt as it retains the water in the body.
  • Avoid pickles & papad.
  • Avoid large meals at a time, take FREQUENT SMALL MEALS.
  • Do regular vigorous exercises like walking, swimming, jogging and skipping
  • Do not try to reduce your weight faster you may feel weak giddy or may develop chest pain.
  • In the first two week you are likely to reduce quite faster may be 2-3kg weekly. Latter it will come down to about 1-2 kg a week. If you want to reduce faster, the heath farm will be a safer place.
  • Do some breathing exercise daily to ventilate the lungs.
  • Walking daily on acupressure mat for 15-30min is also useful.

  • A person can live without food and water for some days but can’t live without air for few seconds.
  • The lungs are the purifiers of our system. They pump in the oxygen and pump out toxic carbon dioxide.
  • In diseases like Asthma and bronchitis the normal pattern of breathing changes, it also changes after great physical activity when it becomes rapid and deep.
  • There are several breathing exercises which help to ventilate our lungs for maintenance of good health.
  • Different emotions have different impact on breathing pattern.

E.g. when angry, excited, fearful, depress breathing takes a different pattern.

It also changes during and after the sexual act.

  • Proper breathing is greatly important for toning up physical and mental health.
  • In yoga and all kind of meditation different breathing patterns are used.
  • Importance of breathing is greatly described in Dr Joseph Pilets’ therapy.
  • Breath is the bridge between the body, the senses and the mind and our aim must be to strengthen this bridge for healthy living.
  • Due to our modern busy life schedule we breathe only 1/10th of our oxygen requirement and use approximately 1/3rd of our lung capacity.
  • There are 3 distinct types of breathing

(1)   Clavicular or upper breathing

(2)   Thoracic or middle breathing

(3)   Abdominal or deep or diaphragmatic breathing.

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