It is the condition characterized by inflammation of the joint. It may be acute or chronic.


  • Patient should be placed in best possible surrounding to procure fresh air, sunshine and best nourishing food.
  • There are many factors which contribute in the treatment of chronic arthritis. They are as follows: the regularity of life
  • The regulation of diet
  • Flushing out of the system by taking great quantities of
  • Fluid and by enemas.
  • If the cause is generalised toxaemia then the main aim of the treatment must be purification of blood and body cells by enemas hot or cold depending upon the patient requirement.
  • In case of INFLAMMATION
    • First give rest to affected part.
    • Immersion of the affected part in hot water.
    • Epson salt hot compress may also help.
    • Passive exercise and mild gentle massage should be followed.
    • At night a cold pack may be applied to affected parts before retiring and allowed to retain until dry.
    • The treatment should be repeated each day until the inflammation subsides.
  • If the case is COMPLICATED BY TOXAEMIA where the inflammation is severe or where the pus forms or other diseases are present, CONSTITUTIONAL TREATMENT will be required in addition to local treatment.
  • Complete fast should be employed.
  • Warm water enema daily.
  • A hot blanket pack may be given every other day.
  • If fever develops this hot blanket pack may be changed to a cold wet sheet pack.
  • The local pack and compresses may be used.
  • When there is SUPPURATIVE CONDITION of joints the treatment is as follows:
    • Application of sunlight or ultraviolet light on the affected joint.
    • Application of hot or cold pack on the affected joint.
    • Fast should be continued until the acute symptoms subside.
    • Fast should be followed by raw food diet.
    • Fast or diet of fruit juice or vegetable broth is of more benefit.

“In case of TUBERCULAR ARTHRITIS neither active nor passive movement should be applied to affected joint”.