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Symptoms of the Patient before Treatment:

1)      Display of white spots in front of eye before migraine attack started.

2)      Extreme and unbearable headache since beginning of migraine attack.

3)      Hypersensitivity to light and noise.

4)      Frequent bouts of depression and cries.

5)      Wanted to confine oneself to dark and closed room.

6)      Experienced sleeplessness and required constant sedation during migraine attack.


During Sessions and Post Reiki Therapy:

1)      Started feeling calm and relaxed.

2)      Hypersensitivity to light and noise was greatly reduced.

3)      No more sleep depravity, stopped frequent cries and felt no more bouts of depression.


My patient was a 42 years old housewife. In first meeting she informed me that she has been diagnosed with migraine. On examining her medical reports, I inquired, about her current symptoms and intensity of pain. During her case taking, I came across many important facts :  A: Painful personal history and B: Family disturbances, and hence the struggles faced both in past and present.

Her expression of grief when discussed, was as follows: “I suffer extreme headaches; these attacks are frequent and are long lasting. These episodes are very, very painful, and debilitating and sometimes come with a hammering sensation. She continued, “I cannot tolerate light, and I just close all windows and doors of my room, and I make it completely dark. I cannot even open my eyes freely due to extreme heaviness on eyebrows. It remains this way for 3 to 4 days in a stretch”.

As migraine is a disorder of the nervous system, In this case, I decided to give Reiki 1st on the Crown Chakra accompanied by Reiki on 3rd Eye Chakra. But as treatment of migraine involves treatment of multiple organs, so I then went with complete “7 Chakra treatment”. Each session was carried on daily basis for 30-45 minutes. On her fifth session, I heard some success wherein she reported having a fresh mood since last 2 days. From then on, each and every session rang positive bells wherein the patient reported gradual reduction of her grave symptoms. She could now enjoy deep sleep. She was now not intolerant of noises and started staying more in open. Gradually her tormenting headaches started reducing and later she expressed how she could now enjoy her life without migraine.


“For Reiki Therapy and Alternative Medicine Counselling, contact me on dr.tarafakhri@gmail.com. Wishing you a Healthy life forever.”



  • The treatment of asthma consists in the employment of the remedy to allay the paroxysm and in the adoption of measures likely to prevent the recurrence.
  • During the attack the patient is placed in as favourable condition for breathing as practicable. Patient usually selects the position easiest for himself.
  • During acute attack following  HYDROTHERAPEUTIC MEASURES  are of great importance:

(1)   Application of hot chest and shoulder pack repeatedly every half an hour.

(2)   Hot hand bath or foot bath.

(3)   Hot hand bath is more beneficial then hot foot bath. In hot hand bath both the hands should be immersed in hot water upto the elbow. Hand bath has a reflex influence on the respiratory function.

(4)   Patient should be given plentiful of hot water.

(5)   Steam inhalation is also useful to relive the acute attack.

(6)   Hot enema also is useful.

(7)   Half bath lasting for 10min will be of great value. During this bath only the legs and hips are immersed. The seated patient should be rubbed by attendants while rubbing his own chest and arms. Two-three times during this half bath slightly colder water should be poured down the spine for a few moments. This treatment CAN NOT BE GIVEN TO ONE WHO IS VERY WEAK OR WHOSE RECUPERATIVE POWER ARE LIMITED. IT IS OF GREAT ADVANTAGE TO ONE WHO CAN TOLERATE IT COMFORTABLY.

  • During acute attack heat must be applied on the chest. Hot chest pack electric light heater or infrared generator will have a sedative effect.
  • Asthma being primarily a nervous disorder. It is often relived by prolong application of cold compresses or ice bag to the occiput or base of the head.
  • Take dinner before sunset.
  • Practice yoga, pranayama, and deep breathing exercise daily.
  • Avoid excitement fatigue and overwork.
  • Bowels must be maintained in regular & efficient daily action.
  • Avoid all indigestible and heavy meal especially at night.

Stimulation of acupressure point of lungs on palm or feet sole is also useful.

For people, who have questions regarding effectiveness of Reiki Therapy, following article provides valuable information.


An Extract from the attached link :

Heart surgeon, Dr Mehmet Oz, has worked with Julie Motz who used Reiki with his patients. These patients had received heart transplants and had experienced open-heart surgery. She treated 11 patients in total and none of them had the usual post-operative depression. The bypass patients had no post-operative pain or leg weakness and the transplant patients experienced no organ rejection. Julie Motz has written about this experience in her book, ‘Hands of Life’.”

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