• Normally our body tissues are 1/3rd acidic and 2/3rd alkaline or approximately 40% acidic and 60% alkaline.
  • The acid alkaline ratio in our body is 40:60% normally.
  • But in this modern era of junk food and fast food i.e.  Burger, chocolates , ice creams etc…. leads to disturbance in this normal ratio which leads to various digestive disturbances.
  • Today due to use excessive alcohol, tobacco, cigarette produces more toxins in the body which leads to disturbance in this balance.
  • Factors like mental stress and sedentary life style, lack of sleep and various others contribute to raise the acid content.
  • During the process of digestion of protein and starch there is formation of various acids and pathogenic substance. Excessive formation of this acids and pathogenic substance leads to development of various diseases.
  • Uric acid is always present in the blood in moderate quantity. It becomes a cause of disease only when it increases in the body.
  • Oxalic acid and oxalates are responsible for arteriosclerosis, arthritis, rheumatism and formation of calculi.
  • Excessive acid formation leads to gastric ulcer, peptic ulcer , heart burn , cardiovascular disturbances , headache , easy irritability , arthritis , rheumatism and  many other health hazards.
  • If one wants to live a healthy life then he should pay great attention in maintaining acid base balance of the body.
  • This balance can be maintained by proper diet management,


  • All animal products such as cheese , butter, ghee , meat , eggs, drinks like colas , sodas , alcoholic beverages , tea and coffee , junk food like burgers , chocolates etc……..


  • All green vegetables like cucumber, fruits like sweet lime, watermelon, milk,  butter milk, curd, coconut water etc…………..