Following is a very Basic/Crisp info on Color Therapy
  • Colour therapy or chromo therapy is based on the principle that our life is full of colour and so our health and mood are greatly influenced by it.
  • Bright colours in the surroundings can make us feel joyful, happy etc…
  • Dark colours in the surroundings will have depressive effect on the person.
  • In this therapy different colours are used according to body and disease requirement.
    • Like for insomnia patient sky blue colour lights are used.
    • In asthma patient is placed under the blue or violet light and red colour water is given to drink every 15min until the attack subsides.
    • In constipation yellow colour is used in any form.


  • Sky blue- mild sedative effect
  • Red – excitement and energetic
  • Orange– joyful
  • Yellow- positivity in mood
  • Green – king of colour
  • In this therapy colours are introduced in the body in the form of fruits and vegetables also.
    • Water is filled in air tight colour bottle and kept in sunlight for charging.
  • Patients are placed in the glass cabin made up of coloured glass and colours are allowed to pass from the open window on the body as per the requirement.
  • Various oils can also be charged like water and are used for the massage.
    • Abdominal pain – warm blue water every 15min
    • Baldness and hair falling – wash the head with blue water. After drying apply blue oil to the scalp. Exposure of scalp to sunlight through blue colour glasses.

Burns – apply blue water compresses as it has antiseptic property.

Our body Chakras are also made of vivid colors . Each and every Chakra has a specific color. Will be posting soon , an article on Chakra’s/Its Colors and much more…

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