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Like other systems of alternative medicines, in Reiki also there are many misconceptions

Following article is an attempt to address all those questions.

No. 1: In Reiki, some sort of exercises or heating pad are suggested – No. In Reiki, there is no use of any equipment. It is a method which directs energy to recipient.

No.2: Before receiving Reiki, it is necessary to believe in Reiki and have faith in it – No. You need to be a believer of Reiki, as it is not a religious practice. In fact, to address this issue, many animal studies have also been conducted to prove its effectiveness which once again has nothing to do with belief in Reiki.

No.3: Reiki is for mental health only and it does not work for Physical health – No. Basis my personal experience as a therapist, Reiki works on overall health.

No.4: In Reiki, acute(immediate) results are not possible – No. This is also not true. Results are based on intensity / severity of immune system and whether or not, disease /disorder is chronic or not. This is similar for all systems of treatments.

No.5: If you are considering Reiki therapy, you will have stop all other treatments – No. In fact, Reiki is one of the best complementary therapies. No need at all to stop any existing treatments.

No.6: There are few side effects in Reiki as loose motion / skin rash / vomiting / running nose, etc – No. The truth is completely opposite. Basis Reiki’s energy, body heals itself and process of purification starts.

No.7: Reiki healers have powers to influence / hypnotize mind – No. They are not magicians. In fact, Reiki helps you regain your own mental ability and wisdom by Chakra regulation / balancing.

Any kind of misconception needs clarification and it is important to research on subject rather than believing what you come across as hearsay

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Since thousands of years, Reiki is part of Indian tradition, and in many places this healing technique has achieved considerable
popularity , but still even today there are areas where it will take more time and efforts for people to comprehend it. For ex : For some people Reiki is only spiritual, only some accept Science behind it.

A spiritual leg of Reiki cannot be ignored. It is true that God has created this Universe and Universal energy flows through it. But we creature’s are also God’s creation , but we all have bodies/form which functions scientifically. Now the time has come when Reiki is gaining its room in alternative as well as Mainstream medicine.

Now-a-days, Reiki therapists are invited in reputed hospitals; doctors of conventional medicine are using Reiki in their regular practice and according to below report, Reiki is now also included in Universities of Alternative Medicine. Going forward, it is also possible, that Reiki can become part of mainstream medical education.


“CuresbyReiki” now provides a new platform for Researchers/Students/Authors in Alternative Medicine systems, mainly Reiki Subject. Reiki’s use/methodology, its effectiveness/its acceptance in Mainstream medicinal society will be highly welcome.

If you have your own study paper or have conducted a research/survey in any of the alternative healing systems, you can send us your own material. Selected articles will be posted in appropriate category.

“CuresbyReiki” will promote it in its original form without any editing at all. Moreover, it is completely free of charge and sharing your material would not make us a part of your copyrighted/to be copyrighted material. It would be posted with a notice that any of the content cannot be copied or edited without yours(authors) permission.

Suggestions and Feedback by Fellow Members is highly appreciated.


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When someone undergoes a therapy which He / She is not aware about, It is very natural to have some ( …”a lot of”…) questions in mind but when these questions are carefully answered in proper, the person can start his/her treatment with ease. In this post, I have listed some Q’s & A’s which I have frequented across in my practice.

Q1: What is Reiki Therapy?

  • Reiki is a type of alternative medicine. Reiki means, Universal Energy, which flows from the universe itself.
  • In Reiki therapy, the belief is, that we are born with a unique immunity, meaning: our body has its own healing power and at that, we are pure, non-toxic.and our channels are opened.
  • But as we age, we are exposed to various toxins, impurities, stress etc. and all these factors leads to blockage of our channels. Hence, as a result, we get diseases/disorders namely mental, physical, or emotional.

Q2: What are Channels?

  • Channels are the Centers in our body (In Layman terms: just as Fan Regulators) and they control our bodily functions; Physical, Mental and Emotional.
  • Hence, it is of grave importance that they should be in proper balance.
  • Imbalance/Disturbance of Channels we will lead to ill-effects of our health (life).

Q3: If it is Universal, than how one can give it / receive it?

  • Every living creature constantly radiates different forms of energy. Hence, Energy flow between physical body and Universe is a continuous process. (For ex: Fresh morning breeze rejuvenates everyone, and the universal flow is so strong, that the recipient gets revitalized instantly.).
  • Reiki Master does not give/create any Reiki. Reiki is itself flowing in the universe. Consider Reiki Practitioner as a Pure Medium, which can channelize this energy to the patient.
  • Hence in Layman terms, we say, Reiki Practitioner gives Reiki and patient receives it.

Q 4: So, is it a systemic course?.

  • It is a systemic course and it, like any other system of treatment, also has stages which you have to go through.
  • After Stage 1 itself, person is able to heal oneself and also can treat others.
  • Stage 2 intensifies the system and enables one to give distant treatment.
  • And Stage 3 is divided in to A and B. After stage 3A one can become a Master but cannot give attunements. It is only after Stage 3B that, one is able to give attunements to others.

Q 5: Can anyone & everyone learn Reiki?

  • Yes, anyone can learn Reiki, but it takes time and lots of practice to channelize the energy and also it is upon practitioner to the extent he / she is able to do so.

Q 6: So how will you treat me? And what should I do to at the time of treatment?.

  • You need not do anything except relaxing yourself on the treatment table. I will be placing my hands on / or above few inches from the point which is to be treated and energy will channelize itself in your body.

Q 7: Will I feel some flow of Reiki in my body?

  • Well you may / or you may not possibly experience some sort of vibration, warmth or sleepiness. But if you do not experience anything, it does not mean you will not be benefited by Reiki. Benefits of Reiki will be for sure.

Q 8: What if I feel sleepy during the treatment session, should I sleep at that time?

  • Yes, sure. If you feel sleepy during the treatment session, it is a great sign because when Reiki relaxes your nerves/muscles, you would want to have a good sleep. In fact it is common spectacle in our practice.

Q 9: Is Reiki only for Acute illness or even Chronic diseases/disorders can be cured?

  • Reiki can cure Chronic, as well as Acute diseases. For cases, where Cure is very challenging, improvement to some extent is for sure.

Q 10: How long it will take for to see the result?

  • In Reiki therapy result depends upon 3 things in major e.g.
  1. Whether the Disease/Disorder is Acute or Chronic in nature.
  2. Its severity, and most importantly
  3. Body’s receptiveness towards Reiki flow.

Q 11: Does Reiki give long lasting result?

  • Yes, it does.

Q 12: Aha! So do you mean to say that my illness will never re-occur for life time?

  • Unless and until, imbalances are not created/occur in your lifetime environment, leading once again to the disorder condition, I would definitely say that it is possible to achieve complete cure by Reiki.

Q 13: Ok. Got it!. But will I have to consider any insignificant restriction in my food habits during Reiki?            

  • No. Never !. (But, if you are being treated for fever, it is best understood to refrain from Cold-natured food items)

Q 14: Do I need to stop my present treatment?

  • No need to restrict any treatment while undergoing Reiki Treatment. If any, Reiki will only have complimentary effects if taken along with other Treatments and improvement can be beyond expectation. But no side effects at all.

These are questions which I have been answering the most. Feel free to discuss/inquire about other questions/issue at ease.

I Duly appreciate  in advance, your feedback/suggestions/questions.


“For Reiki Therapy and Alternative Medicine Counselling, contact me on dr.tarafakhri@gmail.com. Wishing you a Healthy life forever.”

Following article provides good info on relationship between Stress and Obesity.

It also provides great depth of information on Cortisol, its production and its role in human physiology.

Many studies have confirmed relationship between stress and obesity. Many more research are undertaken for its causes and treatment.

Hormones have very important role in human body. It controls our various functions, mental as well as physical. For Stress related issues, it is very important to understand Cortisol and how is functions.

Moreover, attached link will also help readers/novice Reiki practitioners to understand Role of Reiki in managing stress and thereby Obesity.



  • Acupressure is the most ancient and simplest of various oriental therapies such as acupuncture, shiatsu, zone therapy and reflexology which are prevalent today.
  • Each of these therapies strives to produce healing effects on the internal organs of the body through well defined points on the body surface.
  • Long term use of this therapy can be beneficial in chronic diseases also. Though acute results can be obtained in aches and pains.
  • Though easy and simple it is an effective treatment.
  • Anybody can take this treatment by himself in the privacy of his own home.
  • It is completely free from any side effects.


  • Health can be maintained easily by taking a regular treatment on the particular acupressure points every day.
  • A short acupressure session in the morning helps to maintain the balance of the energies flowing in the body.
  • Acupressure helps to increase vitality and strength. A regular application of pressure on acupressure points TSU-SAN-LI & YANG-LING-CHUAN gives strength to the muscles of the legs.
  • The heart and respiratory system work with increased efficiency by pressing the points NEI-KUAN.


  • When any organ of the body is diseased the points corresponding to that organ become tender and morbidly sensitive.
  • If some points hurts on pressing it can be said that there is something wrong with the organ connected with that point.
  • In acupressure even in the initial stage of the disease the diagnosis of the disease is possible with the help of painful points.
  • It also helps to diagnose a disease which is likely to occur in near future.
  • Though it is true that early and differential diagnosis of a disease is possible with the help of acupressure, the patient is advised not to attempt to diagnose his disease on his own. The work of diagnosis should be left to an experienced physician.


  • The principle of acupressure is “TREAT THE PATIENT AND NOT THE DISEASE ALONE”.
  • Diseases cure by acupressure
    • Constipation
    • Acidity
    • Thyroid disturbances
    • All sorts of aches and pains
    • Stress and its related disorder/ psychosomatic disorder
    • Speech and sleep disorder etc…………………
  • It should not be used in case of fractures, injuries, wound, mature cataract, gall stone, kidney stone.
  • There are many acupressure tools available in the market which can be used.
  • Acupressure foot rollers, sandals, mates, belts etc………..
  • Acupressure can be combinely used with massage therapy also.
  • POINT -1(LU-5)
    • Observe the faint crease that represents the elbow joint.
    • Now bend the elbow by about 45degrees, you will find a rope like structure at the centre of the front surface of elbow. This is the tendon of the biceps muscles of the arm.
    • Point 1 lies on the elbow crease, just near this tendon.
  • POINT-2(LU-6)
    • Joint the point 1 and 3 with a straight line. Point 2 lies on this line, five thumb width below the elbow crease.
  • POINT-3(LU-7)
    • This point lies on the outer border of the forearm, two finger widths above the wrist joint.
  • POINT-4(LU-9)
    • This point lies at the outer end of the wrist crease.
  •  etc…..

  • Naturopathy is a system in which the diseases are cured and prevented by all natural means.
  • It also believes that “THE BODY AND MIND ARE INSEPERABLE i,e if one is disturbed it will surely affect the other”
  • So in treating the patient naturopath treats the patient as a whole and not the part of it.
  • It believes that for healthy livingenergy of five elements must be in equilibrium. They are:
  • Today many diseases and disorders are gifted by modern life style and stress to mankind. So the aim of the treatment is to correct the lifestyles, diet patterns, sleep patterns and to relive the stress.
  • The cause of all disease is morbid matter and the cure of all disease is its elimination.
  • The modern naturopathic physician is a person familiar with the latest scientific findings not only in his own field but also in the general field of science and technology.
  • From this we come to fact that the progressive system of natural and rational method as therapeutic fasting ,the proper combination of natural foods and other dietetics and health measures , alternative therapies, allied science in short, the holistic way.
  • There is evidence of growing tendency in the day to day life of individual to deviate from normal or natural ways of life and to lean more on drugs for maintenance of health.

Nature cure has a very important place in any programme for the improvement of health by nation.

  • In India 70 – 90% of population lives in rural areas/ villages
  • India is an agricultural based country and so most of the population belongs to farmers group.
  • They always have to face the “FINANCIAL CRISIS” so cannot afford the modern medical expense.
  • In compare to modern medicine, alternative medicine is more affordable to them.
  • In India this system of medicine is used since ancient time so people of villages are more familiar with herbal medicines, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, and diet based treatments.
  • Many of the herbs and flowers can be grown in their own houses so they can be easily available to them.
  • In their daily routine they are mostly using the things which have a therapeutic value.
  • For most of their ailments they are using various herbs for the treatment which can be easily available from their kitchens.
  • Poultice made up of wheat are more commonly used for pustules and abscesses. Its application helps in elimination of pus and hence SAVE THE PATIENT FROM THE EXPENSE OF ANTIBIOTICS as wheat can be easily and cheaply available to them.
  • In injury and wound, the paste made up of haldi and water is applied externally which gives the antiseptic effect and prevents the infection. So they do not have to PURCHASE THE LOTIONS OR CREAMS.
  • Tulsi leaves taken in early morning can boost up the memory so they do not need any treatment to improve the memory.
  • Paste made up of haldi, chandan and milk helps to solve the beauty problems, hence THE EXPENSES OF COSTLY COSMETICS ARE ALSO SAVED.
  • Drinking hot water on rising and at the bedtime helps to relive constipation.

By this way alternative medicine can be boon in country like India.


“For Reiki Therapy and Alternative Medicine Counselling, contact me on dr.tarafakhri@gmail.com. Wishing you a Healthy life forever.”

Cell Re-generation

Alternative Medicine and Conventional Medicine despite using different techniques have the same goal, and that is to relieve suffering of mankind.

For ex:, Probiotic which are “Good bacterias” are prescribed to enhance our immune system in Conventional Medicine, whereas an Homoeopath will use Nosodes for the same result.

In Alternative Medicine, Cell re-generation is achieved by techniques like Diet/Nutrition Therapy, Homoeopathy, Reiki and so on…. To achieve the same, doctors of conventional medicine have come up with a different approach. Following link provides more info on the same, http://www.health.am/cardio/more/promise-for-treatment-of-heart-disease/P1/

  • Alternative medicine is the branch of medicine which believes that “THE BODY HAS ITS OWN DEFENCE MECHANISM OF HEALING, IT POSSES THE POWER TO HEAL ITSELF”.
  • It has many valuable tools and each and every tool has its own importance.
  • It is also called as HOLISTIC MEDICINE because it believes in treating the person as a whole.
  • It believes that BODY AND MIND ARE IN-SEPERABLE. If either of two is affected another will also suffer. E.g.  a) If the person is under stress for long time then he may suffer from constipation, acidity, hypertension, tension headache etc.. b) If the person has thyroid disturbances then he may suffer from depression.
  • In this system the person is consider healthy if his body and mind works in harmony with each other.
  • During consultation in this system of medicine special importance is given to mental state along with physical examination.
  • The various types of alternative medicine practiced in India are as follows:


  • It is the system of medicine in which diseases are prevented and cure by natural means i,e by eliminating disease and restoring the normal heath without producing any harm to the organism.


  • It is the system of medicine which depends on the principle “SIMILLIA SIMILLIBUS CURENTURE” which means LET LIKE BE TREATED BY LIKE.


  • In this therapy various types of aromas are used to treat the patient.


  • In this system the disease are treated by using the medicine of natural means in their crude form.


  • It is the form of exercise which strengthen the body and mind.


  • Here various high and low power magnets are used to treat the patient.


  • Here mild and specific type of pressure is applied on various acupressure point on the body to stimulate that particular organ. Pressure is applied by tips of fingers or thumb of palms and soles of feet.


  • Here instead of pressure the specific acupuncture needle is used to stimulate that particular organ.


  • In this therapy the therapist will massage the body to strengthen deep tissues by using various oils and different techniques.


  • It is based on concept of energy balance i,e to cure the energy disturbances which results in development of disease.


  • In this therapy only water is used to treat the patient externally or internally with or without additives.


  • In this therapy food habits are cultivated upon the need of individual. Attention is given to maintain the acid alkaline balance of the body.


In this 38 remedies made from flowers are used on the basis of mental state of the patient.

“For Reiki Therapy and Alternative Medicine Counselling, contact me on dr.tarafakhri@gmail.com. Wishing you a Healthy life forever.”

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