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What is Stammer and what are its causes ? Stammer or Stutter is not the disease itself but the condition or the symptom caused by  a disease / disorder. Causes for stammer and its intensity are individualistic.

Causes can be purely genetic, psychological or due to some sort of brain injury. Associated conditions with stammer that I have come across in my practice are depression, anxiety, lack of self confidence, frustration or so on….

Social issues they often have to deal with include humiliation, ignorance, bullying at workplace and school and much more. Family and care giver role is of significant importance in maintaining one’s self confidence and self esteem.

I have listed few suggestions for family and care givers as below:

  1. Stammer doesn’t mean that they have nothing to say. They have right to express themselves and speak in their own words. So, do not be hasty and take some time to listen to them.
  2. Don’t try to complete their sentences by yourself. Don’t burden them by your interpretations like.. “I understand. Do you mean to say that………!”. You might feel that this might be helping them out but in fact you take away their chance of speaking out on their own.
  3. Stay with them whenever and wherever they need you and provide adequate emotional support to them.
  4. There are number of therapies which are complimentary with Reiki in this condition,
    1. Martial-arts therapy : Use of Vocal chord is enhanced when someone practices skills of Martial arts.
    2. Auto-suggestion therapy : Type of meditation, where one is taught to give commands/ directions to himself.
    3. Homoeopathic medicine
    4. Animal assistant therapy : keeping parrots and encouraging your child to repeat its word can also be helpful.
  5. Try to find alternate words for words that are difficult enough to pronounce. For example, if someone has concerns for spelling letter “X” in word Box, try using word Carton and demonstrate its size/shape.

For Reiki Therapy and Alternative Medicine Counselling, contact me on Wishing you a Healthy life forever.”



Following article is a good source of information for health care providers and care givers of people with stammering and great treatment options are also described in this article, but finally, i would like to request everyone concerned that Stammering is an disorder and NOT just an emotional outburst .What actually should be done by us is Practice/Improvise our listening skills, because the person who stammers also has a heart which beats and a mind which thinks. They too have something to speak and that is what needs to be listened & understood.

For Treatment of Stammering, visit my link below.

“For Reiki Therapy and Alternative Medicine Counselling, contact me on Wishing you a Healthy life forever.”

Symptoms of patient before treatment:-


1)      Severe pain in lumbar region( I.e. lower part of back)

2)      Sciatica (There was intense pain at sciatic nerve root : patient was unable to sit and was not able to stay in one position for a long time.)

3)      She was not able to lift weights.

4)      Restlessness at night due to severe pain in back.

5)      Difficulty while rising up from the chair.

6)      Every body movement was very painful.


Symptoms of patient after treatment:-


1)      Patient got complete relief from pain.

2)      She was able to sit firm and there were no difficulty in body movements.

3)      Now she was able to lift weights.

4)      There was no Restlessness at night, as there was no more pain.

5)      Now she was able to rise from chair easily.


My patient was a 50 + aged housewife who suffered from spondylitis. She was experiencing severe pain in lumbar region (I.e. lower part of spine).  She was suffering from intense pain in the hip region due to her affection of sciatic nerve root and hence she was unable to sit. Her pain was so severe that she was unable to be in one position during her consultation. Severe pain in back deprived her from sleep at night. Each and every body movements like weight lifting, rising from the chair, etc… was very painful. Her doctor had kept her on pain killers and advised for complete bed rest. She was taking pain reliving medicines but it lead to side effects and resulted in severe hyperacidity and hence, she had to withdraw from taking the painkillers.

After thorough case taking, I found that disease was not of hereditary origin. Moreover, she had a lean constitution (body); hence Obesity related issues were ruled out. Her typical exerted housewife activities had resulted in this disease. I decided to give her reiki on lumbar region which involved sacral & root (base) chakra for 60min daily.  After just one session she reported that she can rise from the chair easily and there was less pain in body movement. On the second session she reported 50% relief in her pain. Within ten sessions she got complete relief from the pain and all other symptoms got resolved. In her last session she said that now there is no pain at all and the improvement was at such an extent that she had forgotten her all complaints and is now living a normal healthy life.


“For Reiki Therapy and Alternative Medicine Counselling, contact me on Wishing you a Healthy life forever.”

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