• Magnet therapy is based upon the principle that disease is the result of an imbalance or in coordination between the various electromagnetic forces present inside the body.
  • Magnet therapy strives to eliminate such in coordination and restore the natural balance of forces.
  • Thus magnet therapy looks upon a human being as a whole unit. Its aim is not mere symptom relief or palliation.
  • Magnet therapy is external mode of treatment which does not introduce any chemicals inside the body thus does not interfere with the various chemicals and enzymes present inside the body.
  • It is absolutely safe and harmless mode of treatment.
  • Magnet therapy is not a slow or a long term treatment, sometimes the results obtained are immediate and dramatic.
  • Magnet therapy is quiet simple and can be used in both genders and every age group.

The magnetic treatment for following pains/diseases is as follows:


  • Apply North Pole and South Pole of the two strong magnets to the either side of affected knee for 15 min once a day.
  • Wearing a magnetic belt for 30 min once a day is beneficial.
  • Stick every night the north pole of one very small magnet on the muscular prominence between the thumb and the first finger (of any hand) and north pole of another very small magnet on the web between the second and the middle toes (of any foot) remove this magnet the next day.


  • Apply South Pole of curved magnet on the forehead for 15 min at the bed time.
  • Stick every night a very small magnet on the medial end of the wrist crease and remove it in the next morning.
  • Consume magnetized water in dose of 100-125ml at least 4 times a day.


  • Apply the north pole of a moderately strong magnet for 15 min once a day.
  • Consume magnetized water in doses of 100-125ml at least 4 times a day.


  • Place side by side north and south poles of two moderately strong magnet on the painful side of the back for 15 min once a day.
  • Alternatively a magnetic back belt can be worn for 30 min twice a day. This belt not only delivers the magnetic energy to the back but also immobilize the affected vertebrae.
  • Stick every night the north pole of a very small magnet on the center of the crease at the back of the knee joint, remove it the next morning.