My focus is to deal with health issues only. (physical, mental and emotional)

Main cause of present issues is lack of knowledge of Reiki among practitioners of other alternative therapies and Reiki healers are also not aware of how other alternative therapies can assist/align.

Knowledge sharing is the only solution.

Nowadays Reiki healers are also getting job in hospital and companies are also hiring Reiki healers / counsellors as full time / part time employees.
In countries like US and Australia, Reiki treatment is also covered under Insurance.
Moreover, some Alternative Medicine Universities are also adding Reiki in their curriculum.

Considering that Reiki is getting good consideration in health and education sectors… Reiki healers should also focus more on learning biology and health related subjects.

Also, there is a new trend of medical practitioners / nurses learning Reiki to relieve burn out as well as to assist in their professional practice also.

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